I started off as a vox-pop ‘coordinator’ for TV Africa – Naa Ashorkor shares journey into media

Naa Ashorkor

Radio and TV personality, Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku, has shared her journey into the media space.

According to her, she started off as vox-pop ‘coordinator’ for a TV Africa crew who visited her school to gather the views of students.

“I was always volunteering for the TV Africa crew who visited the Ghana Institute of Journalism for a vox-pop for the new generation TV show”.

The radio personality -cum-actress  said after sometime, she striked an acquaintance with the crew from the television station  and began recruiting students for them, each time they visited the school for a vox-pop.

“So, I striked acquaintance with the crew from TV Africa so each time they visited I would gather students for them, then later they invited me as a guest on the ‘new generation’ show, then I went again and again.”

“So, one time, the host was sick and they needed someone to sit in for her and I volunteered.They were impressed with me. So, they gave me a slot on the show” she recalled in an interview, on Citi TV, monitored by theghanareport.com. 

The award-winning actress said  although she didn’t set out to be a presenter or a public speaker, she has always prepared herself to try new things.

“I have always told myself to try new things, provided it is not against my morals… The worse that can happen is to fail and even at that you learn…. You might also win. So, instead of regretting for not trying why not just try it,” she said

Naa Ashorkor hosts Sexy and Sassy show on Joy FM.


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