I stopped attending church service because I get too much attention – EL

Most celebrities are treated as dummy gods, from jumping of queues in public places to all sorts of preferential treatment.

But one person who does not seem to enjoy this attention is Elorm Adabla, popularly known in showbiz as EL.

The rapper said he had had to stop attending to church service because of the attention he got.

“I’m unable to go to church as often as I want. Because when I started going to church some time ago, there was too much attention on me.” He said in an interview on GBC Radio Central.

The ‘Kaalu’ rapper said his experience with some pastors has made him revise his decision on going to church.

He said he was looking for a smaller denomination to join.

“So right now, I’m looking for a small church that people will not necessarily know me or care. I couldn’t focus on my worship anytime I’m in the church because the attention was too much.”

“So that’s why I stopped attending church service regularly.


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