I wanted to make people rich, but I didn’t know it was stupidity – Pastor Kobiri

The founder and leader of the Zoe Outreach Embassy at East Legon, Pastor Kelvin Kwesi Kobiri, has said his intention of setting up investment companies was to help people get rich.

Speaking to his congregation the Sunday before some members stormed the church demanding a refund of their investments, Pastor Kobiri told them he would repay them by the end of the week.

Some members of the church who claim to have invested as much as GH₵1 million with EL Real Estates and Tikowrie Capital, companies belonging to Pastor Kobiri, disrupted last Sunday’s church service to demand their monies.

According to them, they trusted Pastor Kobiri, thus, their decision to invest in the companies; but have been unable to withdraw their dividends nor principals since November 2018.

In a video published on Facebook, Pastor Kobiri told the congregation that although he did not have the money to repay customers, he trusted that “God will pay everybody this week.”

“Some people are in the church because of those investments. But I cannot pay anybody; but what I want to tell everybody is that if by Friday you’ve not received your money, call the office. God will pay everybody this week. I cannot pay one single person,” he said.

“Sometimes you might have good intentions for people but it might not end up well. My mentality is, let people be rich. I didn’t know it was stupidity. But I thank God for his forgiving power, that he forgave me and restored this ministry,” he added.

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    This is sooooo wrong. Accept responsibility sir.

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