‘I was raped by police officer’ – Victim recounts family offered GH¢800 compensation

Hannah Mawusi  Fiamevor was 16-years-old when a police officer raped her.

Now 25-years-old, Mawusi has decided to educate young girls by telling her story.

The fashion designer narrating her story on TV3 monitored by theghanareport.com, said “I was a virgin”

Mawusi had taken up petty trading to support her family while a first-year Senior High School student.

“I had to support the family because things were difficult at home, so one day I was sacked for school fees but my mother asked me to stay home until the money is raised, so I decided to take up laundry business after a mechanic in our area introduced me to his police officer friend”

“One day the police officer invited me to come and wash his things, but when I got there, I realized the clothes had already been washed. So, I decided to leave and immediately he locked up the door”

“This happened at a police barracks in Tema Community 2…I was stuck in the room with the policeman. He physically assaulted me, and threatened to kill me if I don’t succumb to his demand, though I was petite I fought back,” she said.

After hours of struggling with the law enforcement officer, Mawusi’s strength grew weak, she gave in.

“He threw me into the sofa and hit my head against the wall and that was when I grew weak…. he was thick tall and I couldn’t wrestle him anymore”

Helpless Mawusi said she cried for help but no help came.

“I shouted for help. I cried. But nobody heard me. It seems he had studied the area very well and knew that at that time, there will be no one around…nobody heard me”

” He knelt in front of me on the sofa and shifted my pant…..he had his way with me,” the traumatized victim narrated.

The police officer after having his way with the 16-year-old offered to pay GHC800 to compensate her family.

“He took my virginity and offered my family GHC800 as compensation”

She didn’t say if her family collected the money but Mawusi never received medical attention, even though she was visibly wounded from the act.

Reception towards rape victims in Ghanaian culture has generally been that of resentment and shame.

Therefore, a lot of rape victims turn to shy away from reporting their assaulters or seek medical help.

In a research by Francis D. Boateng on ‘Victims of sexual assaults: The experiences of Ghanaian women’

The researcher concluded that ‘Police attitudes toward rape investigation in Ghana reflected the stereotypical beliefs that Ghanaians in general hold regarding rape and victims of rape”

Recently calls were made to stop counselor George Lutterodt from speaking on any radio or television show after he made demeaning comments about rape victims.

“You will not understand it until you one time have a relationship with a rapist, anybody who has been raped…when you start the sexual act, it leads the person to that molestation and they associate the gravity of what they went through…I’m saying every rape victim enjoys it,” he said on Adom TV.









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