I was singing for my Seniors’ girlfriends in SHS – Gospel Musician


Ghanaian gospel musician, Luigi Maclean, has made a shocking revelation about his days in Senior High School.

According to him, he used to sing for his seniors’ girlfriends on the phone back in Senior High School.

Recounting his secondary school days, Luigi said his colleagues referred to him as the R and B King in Mfantsipim School.

“The interesting part about this was how the seniors will call you, they had their phones in school, sorry for telling on you I mean you are too old to be punished now.

“So, they call their sweethearts in other schools in the Gey Heys and the Holycos they call them and tell them okay, I’m about to sing for you and then they call me, so I get over and I sing on their behalf. I mean, if you don’t sing it, that’s the end of you. So that’s what I used to do back in school,” he recalled.

He described those moments as “fun times.”

Luigi who had dreams of becoming Ghana’s ‘R Kelly’ said it turned out God had a better plan for his life.

“That dream was there to do the R and B because the funny reason was that I feel like Ghanaians had so much but it’s not showing so I feel like I should be that kind of saviour to do the R and B and put Ghana on the map but I believe that God had something greater for me, like a purpose,” He told Class FM

Luigi was nominated for the Best Male Vocalist at the 2019 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

He was featured on Joe Mettle’s award-winning song ‘Bo No Ni’. Maclean is currently promoting his new song ‘Oguama’ featuring MOG.


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