I won’t accept sponsorship from any alcoholic brand – Joe Mettle

Award-winning gospel musician, Joe Mettle has reaffirmed his position on sponsorship from alcoholic brands.

Speaking in an interview, Joe Mettle emphasized that he would not accept any sponsorship from such brands for his events.

He stated, “It is a no for me. Aside from faith, you can only work with brands that complement what you do.”

When questioned about accepting anonymous sponsorship from an alcohol brand, Joe Mettle responded, saying, “With brands that give sponsorship and do not want to be mentioned, that is the silent sponsors, because silence is silent, I don’t know what I will do about that now though.”

He further elaborated that corporate sponsorships are rarely without strings attached, as there are usually obligations to fulfill in return.

“A company’s sponsorship is mostly not free since no matter what, you will be required to pay it someday since you will be invited on their stage”, he stated.


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