I-ZAR Group CEO, Rashida Saani Nasamu donates waakye revenue to the needy

Source The Ghana Report

Not all angels are heavenly beings dressed in white with their faces like the shining sun; others are entrepreneurs who offer support to the marginalised without hesitation.

One of such rare breeds is Rashida Saani Nasamu, the Founder of Alhaji’s Wife Waakye Restaurant, who was the answer to the needy as she donated GH₵20,000 from her food business.

The impact of the kind gesture by the CEO of I-ZAR Group was summed up in uncontrollable tears of joy by some beneficiaries who had lost hope.

Out of the income from the widely-acclaimed nation’s premier “waakye” centre located at Spintex, Rashida donated GH₵ 5,000 each to four beneficiary entities as part of the many Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives of her businesses.

As a Muslim, she was inspired by the spirit of giving in the holy month of Ramadan.

Her desire was to support an Islamic institution with an interest in children or the less privileged and provide a modest capital for cash-strapped persons to start a business, even if it is also a waakye venture.

However, she also became a lifesaver for children scheduled for surgeries.

It was an open process on her Facebook page for entries and beneficiaries.

Rubatu Taju, a widow who lost her son diagnosed with hydrocephalus, was the first beneficiary of GH₵ 5,000 to start a small business.

She was full of praise in a video to show gratitude for the gesture.


A couple who run an Islamic school using their meagre personal income was the next beneficiary of GH₵ 5000.
The many children, some possessing talents to be great leaders, Islamic scholars and clerics, could not be left out.

The kind-hearted CEO further reached out to another widow with children with the support of GH ₵ 5000 for a start-up.
“Wow! Masha Allah! Some people are about to experience tears of joy in their lives. Today be today! The blessed day! Thanks so much, dear Sis. You are a rare gem! May Allah keep elevating you. May He grant you all your heart desires and bless you here and the hereafter.”

The user who submitted an entry on behalf of the beneficiaries posted in appreciation.

Moved by compassion, the generous businesswoman could not exclude children scheduled to go under the knife.



Therefore, the last tranche of GH ₵ 5000 went to the Founder of “My Hereafter Project,” to cater for the surgery of two infants – one who is bleeding continuously from the head and the other with a hand deformity after a fire accident.

Madam Rashida welcomed suggestions posted on her Facebook and expressed hope of helping many more on her future personal charity projects and other CSR initiatives.

The latest donation is part of many CSR projects by the kind-hearted businesswoman.

She was at the heart of support with safety items and cash donations to various organisations at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With assistance from others, Rashida has supported school dropouts with full funding for tertiary education and hospital bills for the needy via The Ghana Report Foundation, attached to her media wing.

Her advocacy for youth wealth-creation birthed RAWW Limited, an ultra-modern factory in Northern Ghana, established as a social enterprise to offer skills training and value enhancement to shea butter, a leading agricultural product in the Northern Region of Ghana.

She actively champions the BOYA Initiative, a non-profitable social enterprise designed to empower women and positively affect the lives of needy and deprived children.

Madam Rashida’s intellect and skills go beyond the kitchen to the boardroom.

She is an astute communication consultant and entrepreneur with several successful multi-industry firms under her belt.

I-ZAR Group has strategic communication consultancy, real estate and construction, I.T., media and social enterprise affiliates.

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