If nobody wants to be the dressmaker, what will you wear?

One big world, one global village, yet different individuals, dreams, vision, aspirations and achievement.

This makes the world an interesting place to be.

The uniqueness of different individuals coupled with the dynamicity in the world makes this “one world, one village”, a loving and interesting place to be.

The world would definitely be static if my neighbor, work mate, course mate, spouse and any other person in the world is the same as your neighbor, work mate, course mate and any other person the world in terms of looks, ability, humor, profession, preference and the likes.

Imagine, if everybody in the world is a president, who will be the governed?

If everybody in the world is a teacher or lecturer, who will be the student?

If everybody in the world wants to be what everybody is, who will be what nobody is?

If nobody wants to be the sower, who will eat?

If nobody wants to be the dressmaker, what will you wear?

If nobody wants to be a follower, who will lead?

Never forget that different individuals with different personalities and uniqueness.

Nobody can be who somebody is. She is she. He is he and you are you.

Appreciate who you are, who you are not, what you are, what you are not, what you will be, what you will never be and dare to make your domain a better place.

Appreciate where you are and make it appealing to others.

“Brighten the corner where you are”

Don’t only get enticed with the brightness of the domain of others that you neglect your path, field and domain just to be like others.

Don’t only get enticed of the domain of others that you lose sight of how you can make yours great and appealing if you only you put in the necessary effort, build yourself in capacity coupled with the right attitude and have confidence in yourself without any inferiority.

Nobody was born as they are today.

Every progress in life takes a gradual process.

The gradual processes all contributes to the lessons you pick up for yourself.

Life is full of lessons. Lessons from the word,personal experience, experience from others and several others.

Appreciate the very little things and your humble start even as you work at attaining greater heights and becoming the best version of yourself.

“For the greatest person you could ever be is yourself and if ever you want to be a better version, simply be a better version of yourself.” – Vitusspeakz

In all, never you forget that the end justifies the means. Never get so entangled in situations and circumstance surrounding you currently that you loose hope for the future.

Life is beautiful, create and make your life beautiful.

You are a part of the “one world, one global village”


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    Great insight there dear

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