If you don’t respect, don’t come to me for coorperation – Amidu fumes at Deputy AG in Court

Source The Ghana Report/Sefanam Agbobli

There was drama at the Supreme Court on Wednesday after the Special prosecutor, Martin Amidu clashed with a Deputy Attorney General.

Mr Amidu accused a Deputy Attorney-General (A-G), Mr Godfred Yeboah Dame of disrespecting him and inferring that he was a liar.

“If you don’t respect, don’t come to me for cooperation. You are younger than my son and a junior at the Bar,” the Special Prosecutor fumed.

Mr Dame had taken a strong exception to comments made by the Special Prosecutor which suggested the Attorney General’s department was not working to retrieve some €47.7 million judgement debt that the government illegally paid to Waterville Holdings.

Mr Amidu dragged the AG to the apex court saying the state was failing to retrieve the said amount of money.

But Mr Dame said there was no evidence that the A-G had refused to cooperate with Mr Amidu to enforce the order of the Supreme Court for the money to be retrieved.

He rather accused the Special Prosecutor of failing to cooperate with the A-G and leaking information to the media.

These comments did not sit down well with Special Prosecutor who accused the Deputy A-G of disrespecting him and calling him a liar.

Amidu’s case dismissed.

The Supreme Court has dismissed Mr Amidu’s application urging the court to compel the A-G to enforce the judgement for the money to be retrieved from Waterville.

According to a five-member panel of the court, Mr Amidu’s application had no basis in rules of law or procedure.

“The application is incompetent and hereby dismissed,” the court held.

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