If you want to feature Daddy Lumba, go through the right channel – Manager Roman Fada advises

The manager of the legendary musician Daddy Lumba, Roman Fada, has urged young artists who aspire to feature the icon to go through the right channel.

It will be recalled that afrobeat artist Kidi said in an interview on Onua FM’s drive-time show that he wishes to have a feature from Daddy Lumba. KiDi went on to say that he has reserved a special song that he believes will be wonderful with the highlife legend.

Daddy Lumba’s manager scolded anyone publicly talking about wanting a collaboration but didn’t take the appropriate steps. This was in response to questions about Dada Lumba’s availability to support upcoming and young acts.

He told Larry the Oldman, “You can’t just go on social media or radio and say, I want to collaborate or feature Daddy Lumba. You need to accord him the respect he deserves.

“You need to reach out to him and tell him, ‘Daddy, I like you, and I have a song I want us to collaborate on’. You can’t sit somewhere and say it. Do you expect him to call you?” he quizzed.

Continuing, Roman Fada debunked the perception that Daddy Lumba does not support upcoming musicians. He pointed out the numerous features bearing the Daddy Lumba brand.

“Everyone should check the records. No musician has featured emerging artists or made stars more than Daddy Lumba. We can mention names. He’s featured in a lot of his colleagues as well.

“If you want to work with Onua FM, you need to go through the right procedure. You need to apply. You can sit idle and expect Onua FM to call you and offer you a job,” he concluded.

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