Ignore NDC dismissal threats – Interior minister to police, military

The Minister of Interior, Ambrose Dery, has said that the men and women in uniform will ignore what he describes as threats from the National Communications Officer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sammy Gyamfi.

“These are agencies that we should all respect and I can assure them that if they think that they will come to power and throw people away, there is due process in this country. People will go where they have to go and defend themselves.

“But what I can assure you is that this government is not using security agencies for its parochial purposes…..my gut feeling is that they are professionals and they’ll ignore it (threats of dismissal) with the contempt that it deserves,” the minister said.

Mr. Gyamfi at a news conference alleged that some security officers were doing the bidding of the ruling NPP.

According to him, the NDC had spotted all such security officers warning that a future NDC government will deal drastically with such persons.

“Power is transient. December 7 is not far. The next NDC government will fish all of them out including the policemen in uniform. That police commander at Effutu. Including all of them, Afenyo-Markin, and all these Members of Parliament.

“And that is why he said that we are all in this country we will see what will happen. You can consider that a threat or a warning because that day is coming and it is coming really quick. We will fish all of them out and deal with them drastically. Including the men in army uniform, the police uniforms, and all of them,” Sammy Gyamfi said.


But speaking to Accra-based Starr FM, the Interior Minister said the men and women in uniform had been nothing short of professionals in the discharge of their duties.

“We respect people’s rights and for anybody to threaten professionals who are employed, have their fundamental rights in consonance with the Constitution, that when they come to power they will relieve them of their positions I do not find that to be a reasonable position.

“We do not have police or soldiers who are doing the bidding of the NPP. No, we don’t have that. What I know is that we’re dealing with professional situations and that is what we respect” he said.

The comments made by the NDC’s National Communications Officer, Sammy Gyamfi, generated widespread condemnation from a section of the public.



  1. Iray says

    Really, are there elders in the npp in the wake of all these artrocities metered out to innocent Ghanaians? I’m surprised some are now talking about elders in the face of the bloodbath, the unprovoked gun yellings and knife stabbings. Gh is simply amazing.

  2. Anonymous says


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