I’ll only return to Ghana on a GH¢10k monthly salary – Ghanaian expatriate reveals

Source The Ghana Report

Life is a journey filled with choices, and for many, the prospect of returning to their home country after years abroad is daunting.

Often, the decision could be influenced by a multitude of factors.

Speaking exclusively to The Ghana Report, Desmond Tawiah, a Ghanaian expatriate currently residing in Japan, said the only reason he would return would be an assurance of a job with an entry salary of GH¢10,000.

While Ghana remains his cherished homeland, the prospect of returning comes with a price tag that he deems essential for a comfortable life.

He indicated that the current economic challenge is a contributing factor deterring Ghanaians from returning.

Currently, inflation for August 2023 stands at 40.1 percent. Fuel prices have shot up to GH¢13.60 for petrol and GH¢13.95 for diesel.

Same for utility bills.

Mr Tawiah, who is currently studying International Peace and Co-existence at the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Hiroshima University, in Japan, said these hardships are alien to Japan. Even his perspective about life generally changed to “life can be easy” after landing in the Asian country.

One of the key concerns Desmond raised was the lack of a regulated rental system in Ghana.

“We don’t have a regulated system that says rent shouldn’t cross a certain amount, and I don’t have to pay two years’ rent before I can move into an apartment,” he explained.

This contrasts with his experiences in Japan, where he pays monthly and enjoys stability.

He added, “The internet here is cheap, and you enjoy uninterrupted service. I mean, there is no limit to the service. It’s more expensive to live in Ghana. This stark contrast in living conditions reflects the economic disparities that exist between these two countries”.

Transportation costs are another area where Mr. Tawiah pointed out significant differences. In Japan, he said, transport fares remain relatively stable over time, providing a sense of predictability in daily expenses.

However, in Ghana, the volatility in transport costs can be a source of financial strain for many Ghanaians.

Additionally, Desmond highlights the consistent pricing of products in convenience stores in Japan, a convenience that Ghana may not offer to the same extent, with price fluctuations on the rise.

Asked if he was earning GH¢10,000 on a monthly basis in Japan, he said, “No”, but added that the conditions and systems in Japan make life easier and less expensive.

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