I’m currently single and ready to have fun – Wendy Shay

Rufftown records singer Wendy Shay has some bad news for anyone who wishes to have a relationship with her.

Speaking to Giovani on the 3FM Drive, Wendy Shay said she is single but ready to mingle and have fun.

She explained further saying although she believes in love, she now wants to have all the fun in the world without feeling attached to any man.

Her statement on the radio show comes after, the ‘Emergency’ hitmaker addressed how her boyfriend left her for her best friend in her hit songs.

The singer made known her bitter heartbreak experience by putting them in three songs that have become nationwide hits.

In her “Survivor” she addressed how her boyfriend lead her on and made her fall hopelessly in love when she was not ready only to catch him cheating with her best friend.

She went on to address her best friend in “Warning”, calling her all sorts of names in the song.

Wendy Shay then released a song titled “Heaven” which spoke about her enjoying the days left on earth without attachments.

Wendy Shay is currently back in the market with a single ‘Heaven’ off her Enigma Ep which would be available on

November 11, 2022.

Watch the full interview below

I am single and ready to have fun. – Wendy Shay

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