Innovation is a pivotal force that propells progress – Minister

Dr Kwaku Afriyie, Minister for Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI), says Ghana needs innovative thinkers to move the nation forward.

He said innovation was a pivotal force that propelled progress and fostered economic growth while addressing multifaceted challenges and enhancing the quality of life for individuals.

Dr Afriyie was speaking at the launch of the Certified Innovations Programmes (CIP) by the Nobel International Business School (NIBS) in Accra.

He said: “In this contemporary world, innovation assumed a paramount role in staying competitive and consequential in diverse arenas.”

He said advancements in technology, medicine, and infrastructure had significantly augmented existence in recent times, and the potential for continued betterment in the future was immense.

Dr Afriyie said the Government had demonstrated a significant commitment to fostering innovation in the country through strategic interventions and investments in multiple sectors of the economy.

He said the CIP was designed to build the internal capacity of organisations for generating and accelerating profitable growth through innovation.

“It is an honour to be part of this milestone event that will prepare innovation professionals in any organisation, private or public, who want to differentiate themselves from the pack through skills and competencies in creativity and innovation,” he stated.

The Minister said the CIP programme was critical at this time of the country’s growth, where innovation had become a key driver of economic growth and development in many countries.

He said Ghana could build a skilled workforce to generate and implement new ideas, advance collaboration on critical projects, and capture the value of innovation.

He added, “this will help Ghana becomes more competitive, increase productivity, and create jobs essential for sustainable economic growth.

Dr Afriyie encouraged business professionals, C-Suites, Managers, Employees and Leaders to take up the programme, as Ghana could attract more foreign investments and technology transfer by having a lot of certified innovation professionals, to boost the country’s economic growth.

Professor Kwaku Atuahene-Gima, President and Executive Dean at NIBS, said innovation training and capacity building of leaders and organisations was crucial to the nation’s development.

He also noted the need to build innovation capacity in the public and private sectors after accepting that it was critical to development.

Prof Atuahene-Gima said that capacity building required corporate leadership knowledge, skills, and competencies.
He stated that, in addition to the CIP, the institution had launched the Government and Public Sector Innovation (GPSI) programme, the Service Strategy and Leadership Programmes, specifically focusing on making Ghanaian organisations’ leadership improve their innovative skills, knowledge and competencies.

It is not the strongest companies that grow and succeed or companies run by innovative leaders who are proactive and thus future-ready to meet future challenges,” he stressed.

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