ISD trains officers to educate electorates on referendum, district assembly elections

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The Information Services Department (ISD) has tasked its officers in the various districts across the country to comb the nooks and cranny of the country with vigorous education on the referendum and the upcoming District Assembly elections.

The officers, according to the Department are to, first of all, arm themselves with knowledge on the referendum and elections and the right information in order to disseminate the right messages about the upcoming District Assembly elections and the referendum to the people.

The purpose of the upcoming referendum is to seek if Ghanaians are “in favour of the Bill to amend Clause 3 of Article 55 of the 1992 Constitution to allow Political Parties to sponsor candidates for election to district assemblies or lower local government units?

For the first time in the history of Ghana, the Electoral Commission (EC) will conduct three elections comprising District Assembly Members, Unit Committee Members and a Referendum on Sunday, December 17.

Central Region Director of the Information Services Department, Sefakor Asamoah explains, as a result, the information services department has been taking their officers through training in order to disseminate the right information to the people to boost the interest of Ghanaians in the processes.

“Our officers have a pivotal role to play and such a role is crucial for the success of the impending exercise. They are to use social media, the traditional media and the information vans to get the information on the exercise across to the people,” she explained.

Across the polling stations nationwide, there will be three ballot boxes and screens and each voter will be given three different ballot papers separately.

The elections of the District Assembly Members and the Unit Committee Members form the critical core of the country’s decentralization process by way of helping to exercise political and administrative authority in the district, provide guidance, give direction to, and supervise the other administrative authorities in the district.

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