JB Danquah Murder: Suspect fled from home – Witness reveals

The main suspect in the murder of former Abuakwa North MP Joseph Boakye Danquah Adu was no where to be found when police arrived at his Agbogloshie residence on February 9, 2016. 

Daniel Asiedu, also known as Sexy Don Don, who was staying with his girlfriend’s family at the time of the murder, had sensed that the police were coming for him.

His suspicion intensified when the younger brother of a neighbour came knocking on his door at about 10:30 pm to find out if he was in his room a day after the murder of the MP.

The neighbour, Kenneth Kuranchie, is the third prosecution witness.

Kenneth revealed the latest details when he entered the witness box on Thursday, July 15, to give an account of the circumstances surrounding the murder of the MP.

“I asked my brother (Amofa) the whereabouts of Daniel. My brother said he is surprised Daniel was not there because he saw him a few minutes ago in his room, and he said he was going to urinate,” Kenneth Kuranchie narrated.

The witness said the accused had brought two mobile phones believed to be that of the late MP to him for charging and unlocking.

It was based on these two phones (an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 5) that the witness said he was convinced that the accused who was staying within their compound had something to do with the late JB’s death.

With the above conviction, the witness took steps to engage the police, who accompanied him to the house to arrest the accused.

Mr Kuranchie told the police that the accused claimed the phones belonged to him, but pictures on one of the phones proved otherwise.

The pictures were that of the late MP, even though Daniel claimed ownership of the phones.

The accused is said to have returned the following morning on February 10, to demand from the witness the two phones he had given him to be charged and unlocked.

When he asked about the phones, the witness told him he could not unlock them and would need more time. But the accused rather confronted the witness about bringing the police to arrest him.

“Janet (girlfriend of the suspect) told me that Daniel (the suspect) was standing at the back of the house and wanted to see me. I locked my door and asked my brother to follow me. As soon as we got to the side of the road, I saw Daniel standing there.

“He then asked me why I brought police officers to the house in search of him. I told him I did not bring any police officer to the house and that the people that came to the house were my friends.

“At a point, Daniel said he was not comfortable with where we were standing, so he asked that we move toward the back of the building. He took the lead, and I followed him, and my brother was behind us.

“We got to an abandoned public bathhouse. On our way, Daniel picked a nail from the floor. Upon getting to the abandoned shower, he asked what my brother was doing the previous day, making calls and walking about searching for him.

“He said that if my brother had moved close to where he was standing and observed him, he would have wounded him,” Mr Kuranchie narrated.

The case continues on July 19, 2021.


The provisional facts of the prosecution were that the former MP lived with his family at Shiashie, near East Legon, a suburb of Accra.

The accused persons’, Daniel Asiedu and Vincent Bosso, lived at Agbogbloshie, also in Accra.

According to the prosecution, between February 8 and 9, 2016, the late legislator was chauffeured home in his private car.

The driver reportedly handed over the ignition keys of the car to Mr Danquah-Adu and left for home, after which the MP retired to bed in a room located on the first floor of his house.

On February 9, 2016, at about 1 am, Daniel and Vincent, armed with a catapult, cutter and sharp knife, went to the legislator’s house.

Vincent had assisted Daniel to enter the house by scaling the wall on the blind side of a security man who was fast asleep.

Asiedu picked a ladder on entering the house, climbed onto a porch on the top floor, and entered the MP’s bedroom through a window while Mr Danquah-Adu was sleeping.

While Daniel was searching the room, the MP woke up and held him. A struggle ensued during which Daniel stabbed the MP in the right chest above the breast.

The MP consequently held the knife, and Daniel pulled it through his hand, leaving a deep cut in his palm.

The legislator bled profusely and fell by his bed, after which Daniel stabbed him several times in his right chest and neck.

On realising that the MP was dying, Daniel left the room and took with him three iPhones and absconded with his accomplice.

Daniel and Vincent have since been charged with murder and abetment of crime in the murder of the late MP.

They both pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit robbery. Daniel, on the other hand, has pleaded not guilty to murder and robbery.

Four years after the gruesome murder of the former MP, justice is yet to be served in the case.


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