Jim Iyke in search of stranger who provided crucial support when he was homeless

Nollywood legend Jim Iyke is on a quest to find a stranger named Lateef, who provided him with crucial support during a challenging period when he was homeless and living under the Oshodi bridge in Lagos.

In an interview with Silicon African, Jim Iyke shared how his struggles shaped his resilience and belief in eventual success.

He reflected on a significant risk he took by leaving his parents’ home to pursue his ambitions.

Unfortunately, betrayal by a close friend left him homeless, leading him to seek refuge under the Oshodi bridge.

During this difficult time, Lateef, a stranger, stepped in to provide support and safety, a gesture that had a profound impact on Jim Iyke’s life.

Despite his fame and success in Nollywood, Jim Iyke has been unable to locate Lateef and express his gratitude for the kindness shown to him.

Jim Iyke earnestly appealed to the public, especially those familiar with the Oshodi area, to help him reconnect with Lateef.

He expressed his heartfelt intention to reciprocate the compassion he received and positively transform Lateef’s life in return.

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