Journalists I sponsored and paid their fees now insulting me – Woyome cries

Embattled businessman, Alfred Agbesi Woyome has hit hard at journalists who have the penchant of not only criticizing him but insult him over his indebtedness to the state in the payment of judgment debt of GH¢ 51.2m.

Mr. Woyome who is currently at the brink of losing his assets following a Supreme Court ruling instructing the sale of his properties to defray his debt, appears unrepentant and indicated he will continue his fight against the state selling the property despite the ruling by the apex court of the land.

Among other claims he is making include the possession of documents which he says shows that the assets that are set to be sold next week do not belong to him but the now-defunct UT Bank.

An obviously livid Woyome in an interview on Joy News monitored by MyNewsGh.com said he has been unjustifiably vilified and maligned by people who have benefited from him including some journalists.

Though he did not mention the names of the said journalists he has been charitable to, he revealed that the said journalists are heard making derogatory and disparaging comments about him on radio though he paid their fees.

“Can I steal the government’s money? But you people call me a thief. Some journalists come here, they come to my house. A lot of the journalists too, I was paying your fees…many of you come to my house here. When the time comes, you sit on TV and say certain things. This is life “he said.

He further bemoaned attempts to politicise his issue saying ‘I won the contract under Kufuor’s regime and so why would anyone want to think its political”.

“When you are fighting a rightful cause and you know your God is behind you, you will do it. It is right that every Ghanaian understand this issue and make sure we fight for justice” he added.

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