Joyce Blessing needs help – Psychologist

Source The Ghana Report

Following the recent social media backlash and outpour of criticism over a disturbing video where gospel singer, Joyce Blessing, was seen drinking alcohol, a psychologist has advised she seeks help.

In the video, she appeared to profess love to an unknown person after she seemed to be drunk.

“See this red wine… red wine. You get me drunk. I adore you. I truly adore you. Okay, I’m not a drunk. I’ve never drank before in my life. But you force me… I’ll never forget about you. I can’t because I love you, babes. Why are you blind to it? This love drives me to do crazy things,” she’s heard saying in the video.

Netizens expressed disappointment as she is expected to act piously and practice what she preaches in her songs.

Subsequently, her management asked the general public to discard it because it was an old video sent to her ex-husband, Dave Joy but Clinical psychologist, Dr. Samuel Yawson, believes she may be psychologically unstable.

According to him, the singer is showing signs of emotional distress.

“The symptoms she’s showing, like crying, drunkenness, and saying she is broken-hearted, means things are not well in her head and her emotions. She needs social support. And also from us, I mean psychological support. So we can help her. She needs it because this situation can destroy her music career.”

“Every human gets sick. You’ll go through medical conditions. And also, you’ll go through psychological conditions, and that’s what my sister is going through. She may be in emotional distress, and the outcome is the psychological symptoms she’s displaying now.”

“People booze because they want to forget their problems, but after the alcohol diminishes, your problems are still intact. Joyce needs social support. Those around her should encourage her. They should show her their unflinching friendship because we are human and we fault. Whether Christians or Muslims, the important thing is rising from the fall,” Dr. Samuel Yawson told Onua FM.

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