Justin Bieber launches beige fashion brand

The pop star and newly-minted fashion designer has launched his new clothing line Drew House and its, well, beige and mustard.

Check him above as he models one of his hoodies which everybody is sure to be wearing Spring/ Summer 2019.

“For the cool starting price of $48 you can have a unisex, oversized T-shirt with a smiley face on it that reminds you of your Lisa Frank folders from middle school,” says USA Today.

“And for $128 you can get a corduroy hoodie, which does look quite comfy, actually, and for some reason in the product description says: ‘all swans in England belong to the queen.’”

British Vogues writes: “Think loungewear-meets-skatewear in a smorgasbord of browns save for that loud yellow smiley face logo”.

Source: BBC

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