Ken Agyapong Urges Unity Among NPP Supporters For 2024 Electoral Victory

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, the New Patriotic Party’s Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central Constituency, has called upon his supporters to set aside their differences from the primaries and rally behind Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia for success in the upcoming elections on December 7.

Addressing his followers on Sunday, June 16 during his 64th birthday speech, Agyapong emphasized the need for unity within the party, stating, “Once I’m a party member, no matter what happened during the primaries, I think we are all one people and it will be best for all of us to come together.”

Acknowledging past tensions post-primaries, which led to rumors of him going independent due to grievances with internal party processes, Agyapong clarified his stance by affirming his commitment to the NPP. He dismissed talks of pursuing an independent candidacy agenda, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a united front within the party.

“Once I’m a party member, no matter what happened during the primaries, I think we are all one people and it will be best for all of us to come together.

“So, I’m pleading with my supporters, let’s use my birthday to reconcile. I’m also appealing to the Vice President’s supporters, I know they are intimidating my supporters. If they want us to come together and unite for a united front, then they should also reciprocate the same favours I am rendering on behalf of my supporters.”

In a bold move towards reconciliation and solidarity, the firebrand lawmaker extended an olive branch to Vice President Dr. Bawumia’s supporters, expressing hope for mutual respect and collaboration.
He urged both factions to reciprocate gestures of goodwill to foster cohesion and a common vision for electoral triumph in 2024.

Furthermore, Agyapong took the opportunity to apologize for recent controversial statements made in the Ashanti Region where he purportedly announced his resignation from the ruling party. Clarifying his loyalty to the NPP, he affirmed, “I have not resigned,” reaffirming his unwavering commitment to the party’s cause and dispelling speculations regarding his political allegiance.

“If you know me very well, I am not selfish and people have come to me several times that ‘Go independent, Go independent’.

“I think that is not a wise thing to do. Therefore, I have refused to do that.

“So, I’m pleading with the supporters and NPP party supporters [and] NPP people at large, everywhere, that with united front we can win the election in 2024.”

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