Klose: Africa will win World Cup with more slots

Legendary Germany striker legend Miroslav Klose says an African country will win the FIFA World Cup if the continent has more slots like their European counterparts.

The continent has five out of the 32 slots while World Cup powerhouses Europe and South America have 13 and five slots respectively.

While five countries from Europe have won the World Cup  (England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain) three from South America (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay) have tasted glory on football’s biggest stage.

The farthest African teams have been at the World Cup is the quarter-final  (Cameroon, Senegal, Ghana).

Co-host of the 2002 World Cup South Korea is the only Asian country that has gotten to the semi-final.

And according to Klose, the 2014 World Cup who is also the tournament’s all-time leading goalscorer, posited that the five slots, allocated to Africa, limit the continent’s chances of winning it.

“There is no way Africa can win the World cup, unless FIFA brings balance to the number of teams that qualifies to the World cup,” the former Bayern Munich striker said, as cited by Soccer Scenes Africa.

“For now it is advantage to Europe and South America. The slot for African teams is very bad. Only five teams in a world cup that has almost 13 European teams. If Black lives really matter, we should show it by actions in every institution not only by kneeling down.

“We need to balance everything, no one must be considered superior than the other. Despite all the talent they have, but it would be absolutely impossible to go all the way to reach the World cup final with only five teams in the tournament. Meanwhile, other continents have more than five,” he added.


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