Know what your independent prez. candidates are offering come 2021

Five independent presidential candidates on Thursday night took to a debate to make a case for why Ghanaians must ditch the National Democratic Congress and New Patriotic Party duopoly.

Ghana’s political history has never favoured independent presidential candidates, but the five hopefuls believe they have the capabilities to change the country’s political and economic fortunes to bring hope and relief to Ghanaians.

Five out of six candidates battled it out in a hot discourse at the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) ahead of the general elections on December 7.

A technological hitch kept Dr Tom Asiseh, the sixth candidate, out of the debate.

The five aspirants are Marricke Kofi Gane, Kofi Koranteng, Samuel Ofori Ampofo, Carl Ebo Morgan and Onipayede Osson Teye.

With the clock set, all five candidates took their stands to give Ghanaians an opening speech of introduction and what they would do differently should they get the nod.

Here are the vision statements of the five candidates

  • Samuel Ofori Ampofo [King of Hope]

Searching for a president or a king has been one of the most daunting tasks for kingmakers but to make it easier for the electorates, Mr Ampofo said he can be noted to restore the lost hope in the country. Call him ‘King Hope’. With a strong conviction, the first independent candidate to address the audience said he will transform the hopelessness in the country and help make it a better place for generations unborn.

He believes it is time to vote massively for his candidature in order to take out the two dominant parties, New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC).

  • Kofi Koranteng [I am the leader]

With an extensive background in Engineering and experience in the financial capital market, Mr Koranteng stressed that all the titles to his name are secondary. One thing he wants to leave in the minds of Ghanaians is that he is an African. And being an African first, he takes interest in the leaders across the world.

After a thorough search, he said, a look at the problems in most African countries had to do with leadership. He believes leadership is a fundamental issue in Ghana. Throwing a challenge, he asked that Ghanaians take a look at the scientific data available to prove his point. He argues that once a country does not have a good leader, that country is bound to fail.

  • Carl Ebo Morgan [Calls the two main parties, ‘recycle parties’]

Morgan, a Consultant in management and investment in Ghana, said he has observed that since 1992, there has not been any new idea implemented by either the sitting government or the main opposition party, NDC. Both parties, he said, have simply been recycling ideas from the stone age. He is convinced that it is time for a new face, a change from the monotonous leadership. Both parties, according to him, are killing the country.

  • Onipayede Osson Teye [Education cannot be a barrier]

For the Junior High School dropout who believes being a President has nothing to do with education, rather a pure heart. His argument lies in the fact that after learning “so much English we still go back to the English men for help.” He also says we need an alternative.

  • Marricke Kofi Gane [Equality for all]

As a Chartered Accountant, Development Consultant and Lecturer, Mr Gane said rising through the ranks to this point, he realised not every Ghanaian has the opportunity to share in the ‘bounty’ that the leaders and their family tend to enjoy. He wants to be that link, the road that leads every Ghanaian and not just a few to benefit from the proceeds of their hardwork.

Something that always stands out for Mr Gane, is that Ghana will always come first, anything else is secondary. “May God help us,” he said.

The independent presidential debate was organised by JoyNews in collaboration with IMANI Centre for Policy and Education.


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  1. Anonymous says

    A good attempt for setting a debatable governance agenda by the organizers.
    But I think non of the participants got it right.
    A good start though.

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