KNUST SHS student left to die over COVID-19 fears

Police in the Ashanti Region have quelled riots at the KNUST SHS in Boadi in the Ashanti Region over the death of a student.

The students went on a rampage and destroyed school property as well as the saloon car of the school’s headmistress.

Dressed in redhead gear and armbands, the students pelted the administration block. They refused to back down until police were deployed to the scene.

The students embarked on the action on Tuesday night after news started circulating that their colleague, a business student, had died.

The students said authorities refused to attend to their colleague who complained of stomach pains on Monday.

According to the students who spoke to reporters, their mate suffers from a stomach ulcer, which was known to school authorities.

Information gathered suggests that the teachers, who were present when the student was complaining, stayed away from him over fears that it could be a case of COVID-19.

The boy was seen in viral videos holding on to his colleagues as he wailed in pain for several hours.

Some students called his parents, who rushed to the school and transported him to a health facility.

According to the students, if the authorities of the school had been proactive, their colleague would have been alive.

The students refused to go to class and declined to have their breakfast on Wednesday morning.

Some of the students have been clamouring for the shutdown of the school.

School authorities, police, Parent Teacher Association (PTA) officials and other stakeholders were locked in a meeting on Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, Deputy Ashanti Regional Police Commander, (DCOP) Mr.David Agyemang Adjem, has said that tensions have diffused and police presence would be reduced.

Scores of parents stormed the school to find out the state of the wards after learning of the death and riots.

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