KOD Advises Ghanaian Musicians To Embrace Their Own Identity

Source The Ghana Report

Ghanaian Media Personality and Fashion Designer, Kofi Okyere Darko well known as  KOD has advised Ghanaian musicians to cherish their own identity and avoid incorporating other cultures into their music.

KOD in admonishing the musicians in the field they have chosen said the language used by musicians must reflect the Ghanaian culture as well as their dancing moves in their music videos.

He alleged that Ghanaian musicians are now trying to behave like Nigerians in the pronunciation of words in the Ghanaian languages.

“We are at a great place as a Country ..Ghanaian songs are Making a lot of impact in the continent…Afrobeat is everywhere and I don’t have any problem with that because there is some element of Ghanaian music in that – but I believe as a people we should also have our own identity”. He opined.

“I have a lot of challenges when our brothers try using slang that is not even Ghanaian we can understand even when the Nigerians try to say ‘Odo’ because every Nigerian that made it internationally came through Ghana.. none of them made it through from Nigeria to the rest of the World so if they want our endorsement and using our slangs by saying ‘Odo” it Okay, we can go with that but for us to sound like them I can go with that… We also have our own Identity, maybe because of their numbers they’re able to penetrate everywhere you go across the world”, he added.

The former manager of Eazy Baby and defunct music groups ‘Wutah’ and ‘Praye’ asserted that musicians in Ghana should never give up on striving to perform in other countries but must always remember to portray the Ghanaian culture worldwide.

In an interview monitored by The Ghana Report on Citi TV, the renowned celebrity questioned the music industry on why the neglect of Hiplife and Azonto as those identities sell Ghana more compared to other genres in the world.

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