Kofi Amekudzi writes: Quotes and Lessons from the world cup…

QUOTES and LESSONS from the world cup…

“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig 2 graves”

Ghanaians chose to focus on revenge & yes, we dug 2 graves for both teams to go out. The dictionary definition of “Revenge” is not positive. The Stars needed positive energy and not negative energy.


“A good leader knows when his/her time is up and leaves when the applause is loudest”

Dede should have known that he is not the Dede of yesteryear. As a leader, he should have stepped aside for a younger player to take the penalty. Now, he will be leaving when his applause is not at its loudest.


“Doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results is insanity”
Albert Einstein

Against Portugal, we conceded 2 goals in 2 mins (78′ and 80′ mins). Against S. Korea, we conceded 2 goals in 3 mins (58′ & 61′ mins). With these two games showing that we lose some concentration after the first goal and quickly concede a second goal, we should have corrected this ahead of the third match against Uruguay but alas, we conceded 2 goals in 6 mins (26′ and 32′ mins). Our ease of conceding 2 goals in rapid succession never changed but we expected different outcomes.


“Hunger is the only differentiation in people. It is NOT talent”
Tony Robbins

The Black Stars appeared to lack the hunger that would provide the killer instinct at the World Cup. Our boys did not seem ready to fight for 50-50 balls and easily gave away the ball. A team that is not hungry enough will not win enough matches. Period.


“The youth is the hope of our future”
Jose Rizal

We thank the older players for their significant contribution to the team but the Black Stars must focus on its youth and young players. Players like Kudus must form the center of the new team. They must be given the space and confidence to be themselves in the team. Therein lies our future.


“Behold, I am the God of all flesh…” (KJV)
“Behold, I am the God of all peoples of the world…(NLT)
Jeremiah 32:27

God is not Ghanaian. He is universal. Our belief in having the most special relationship with God is flawed. God does not love Ghana more than Uruguay, S. Korea or Portugal. Our prayer cannot replace proper, effective and systematic planning. Our nation needs a new mindset that tells us that NOTHING replaces hunger, proper planning, execution and delivery. After doing all we have to do, nothing stops us from topping it up with prayer.



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