‘Kpalongo’ at Junction Mall interchange

To say the “road” under the Junction Mall interchange in Nungua in Accra needs immediate attention is an understatement. 

To drive on that stretch you need to fasten your seat belt, hold your steering wheel firmly and prepare to dance on the manhole-ridden and rocky road.

And you must as well choose which side of the interchange to dance on.

For those who are good at Kpalongo and Agbadza, they drive towards or from the interchange to Spintex, while those interested in the Baamaaya or the Adowa dance, drive to or from the Tema Beach road.

The situation is worse on rainy days when vehicles are compelled to swim without bikinis on, exposing all their vital parts to the vagaries of the rough and muddy road.

Work on the project stalled about nine months ago due to lack of cash flow.

Hope the cash will begin flowing again soon to save motorists the “wahala” of always having to change their car parts.

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