‘Ladha Ya Kuku’ Indomie not registered – FDA warns

Source The Ghana Report

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has cautioned the public to be on the alert for an unregistered batch of Indomie instant noodles labelled ‘Ladha Ya Kuku’.

The ‘Ladha Ya Kuku’ batch of the product was recalled in some countries, including Egypt, for containing high levels of aflatoxins and residues of pesticides.

Following the findings, the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), in a statement, said its surveillance team is on the market to pick samples for testing.

To clear all doubts, the FDA said the only noodles registered in Ghana are manufactured locally and only occasionally sourced from Nigeria.

These products are then taken through a rigorous process, including testing regimes for aflatoxins and pesticide residue, before a market authorisation is issued.



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