Let’s give attention to Sports tourism- Ben Nunoo Mensah

President of the Ghana Olympics Committee, Ben Nunoo Mensah, is sounding the alarm for stakeholders to prioritise Sports tourism, a goldmine waiting to be tapped.

He believes that with its immense potential to showcase Ghana on the global stage, Sports tourism can unlock numerous economic benefits, create jobs, stimulate local economies and attract foreign investment.

Speaking with Graphic Showbiz on the sidelines of the GhanaFest Paris Paralympics and Olympics Games launch, Nunoo Mensah emphasised, “The Olympics is a global phenomenon that transcends sports. It’s a celebration of human achievement, culture and unity.

“By prioritising sports tourism, we can showcase Ghana’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty to a global audience.

“Sports tourism has the potential to generate significant revenue for Ghana. By investing in sports infrastructure and programmes, we can create a thriving sports tourism industry that benefits Ghanaians and attracts visitors from around the world.”

He also highlighted the Olympics as a global phenomenon that transcends sports, celebrating human achievement, culture and unity.

By prioritising Sports tourism, Ghana can showcase its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty to a global audience, generating significant revenue.

Nunoo Mensah urged the government, private sector and civil society to join forces to support Sports tourism development in Ghana.

“We need a collective effort to make sports tourism a priority. By working together, we can create a vibrant sports tourism industry that showcases Ghana’s best and drives economic growth,” he stated.

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