M.anifest’s the best African lyricist – BBC’s Peter Okwoche

Peter Okwoche, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) news anchor, has described Ghanaian rapper Manifest as the best lyricist in Africa.

While introducing his BBC World News feature on Manifest (styled M.anifest), Peter said, “Now let’s meet Ghanaian rapper Manifest. Many people, including myself, believe he’s probably the best lyricist on the African continent today.”

“His five albums have been described as carefully and craftily worded poems to youth and personal development, and a social commentary on African and world affairs,” the broadcaster praised the ‘Me Ne Woa’ hitmaker.

The Nigerian native, Okwoche, noted Manifest was in London “for a few shows at the moment and when he dropped by our studio, I began by asking him what he uses as his muse to write?”

“My muse,” Manifest reflected as he attempted an answer. “It evolves over time but definitely, it’s taking the world in. Whether it’s through reading, listening watching, or speaking, that’s constantly my muse. Sort of interacting with the world actively.”

“And also being an active knowledge seeker,” he sharply added.

During the feature, Peter Okwoche also shared his observation that Manifest “hardly swears. Should I say never swears or hardly swears” in his songs.

“So it’s all about positivity for you and how to grow yourself into a better person.”

Born Kwame Ametepee Tsikata, the HipHop/Hiplife star is on his ‘Madina to the Universe (MTTU) Tour’ around the world.

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