‘Make investments in your heyday’- Coded advises musicians

Source The Ghana Report

Russell Edem Avornyo known as Coded, one of the highlife musicians among the 4X4 highlife group has advised musicians to always make investments during their heyday rather than buying expensive clothing, cars, or dabbling in frivolities.

According to Coded, failure to invest money made from music normally makes musicians go bankrupt when they are no longer popular in the entertainment industry.

He advised that musicians can open restaurants, pubs, or hospitality avenues to obtain more income aside from their core music careers.

“You can even open a small pub,” he said. “There are millions of ideas that you can push your money [into] that you can make your family or somebody manage for you.”

“That’s the only thing I have to say,” he said in a video shared by Hitz FM.

He also disclosed that he wished someone would have given him this important advice when he was at the prime stage of his music career.

Coded said he is “jealous and envious of young guys” in their 20s “that are doing business,” because by their 30s, “their businesses would be very huge.”

He concluded his conversation by saying that “it is never too late to start some investment now because there are more business ideas one can venture into to create more wealth for themselves”.

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