Manasseh Azure writes: Paul Adom Otchere has lied again

Host of Good Evening Ghana, Paul Adom-Otchere, is trending again.

The Ghana Report’s Editorial Consultant, Manasseh Azure Awuni, took him on for what he said were lies he spewed on his show Tuesday night.

Mr Awuni had in an article, published earlier, accused Mr Adom-Otchere of character assassination.

Manasseh Azure writes: What Paul Adom Otchere did to me — a $100,000 lie

But in response Adom-Otchere said, ” I received a call from management of Jospong that he (Manasseh) has requested an interview with the Chief Executive Officer of Jospong, Mr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong, so I should be present at the meeting as a witness together with a colleague, but when I got there, I was told he (Manasseh) has requested to have a close door meeting with Mr. Agyepong, so I left the room”

” It was after the meeting that I heard rumors that he (Manasseh) had demanded for the said amount and as a friend I called him (Manasseh) to ask whether he did demand for money and he (Manasseh) denied it”

“I later on told his (Manasseh) colleague about what I have heard and that was it, I have never told anybody about this  because clearly, he (Manasseh) had already denied it”


Mr Awuni responded to the claims, describing it as lies. Below is his full post on Facebook.


“MR. Ransford Tetteh, the former Editor of Daily Graphic, was at the reception of Joseph Siaw Agyepong in 2013 when I entered the meeting with Paul Adom Otchere, Robert Coleman and we met Joseph Siaw Agyepong together. Ransford Tetteh is not dead. I was investigating GYEEDA in 2013 and when I wrote to Zoomlion for information, it was Paul Adom Otchere, who called my editor, Elvis Kwashie, that the Zoomlion team wanted to meet me.

When I went to that meeting, I found Ransford Tetteh at the reception area. I sat with him and Paul until Robert Coleman called me and we all — Paul Adom Otchere, Robert Coleman and I – entered the meeting together and came out together. When Jospeh Siaw Agyepong gave me his card, I threw it away. I have never saved his number on my phone. I have never called him. And I have never met him since.

For Paul Adom Otchere to say I requested and met the man alone and that’s where the allegation came from is false. I now understand why Robert Nii Arday Clegg said Paul was evil.

I also have Paul Adom Otchere on tape telling me in December 2016 that this allegation in question came up in 2016. It has nothing to do with the 2013 meeting when Paul and Coleman were present. When the Zoomlion issue came up in November 2016 after the NPP press conference, I took up the matter and that’s when he called my colleague to lie about me. In that audio, Paul Adom-Otchere admitted taking part in the 2013 meeting.

For emphasis, I have met Joseph Siaw Agyepong only once. And at that meeting, Paul Adom-Otchere and Robert Coleman were present. I did not request to meet Joseph Siaw Agyepong alone. As I have stated, Ransford Tetteh of Daily Graphic was sitting at the reception area when we entered. Paul, Coleman and I entered that meeting. He is not dead. Anybody can ask him.

And there’s an audio that shows Paul is a liar.”

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