Man’s incredible tattoo looks like a hole in his head

Back in the day, getting a tiny butterfly tattoo on your ankle felt like an act of rebellion. These days tattoos are so common hardly anyone would notice it.

Tattoo design has long since moved on from the basic catalogue designs to more intricate and elaborate works of art.

Tattoo artists like Matt Pehrson have mastered the art of skin ink by using his needle to create photo-realistic tattoos.

Pehrson’s Instagram page is an impressive portfolio of his work.

From super realistic portraits to geometric art, it’s evident that he has perfected the skill.

He recently caused an online frenzy when he posted an image of a tattoo he did on his friend Ryan’s head.

Showcasing the art of optical illusions, Pehrson has created what appears to be a hole in the back of his friend’s head.


It looks there’s a sink-hole in the back of Ryan’s head into which objects can disappear.

It’s no wonder this Instagram post has received more than 11K likes.

One fan commented, “this is the most insane optical illusion”.

Another said: “Literally looks like he has a hole in the back of his head holy shit good job.”

Ryan plans to have more work done on his head by this talented tattooist. He already has a colourful shark tattoo on his neck and a few other patterns along his hairline. It would be interesting to see what the final design looks like.


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