Medikal left me for Fella Makafui but I’m still his ‘trophy’ – Sister Derby tells critics

Sister Derby recently asserted her irreplaceable position in the life of her ex-boyfriend, Medikal, reminiscing about the time he made a song about her referring to her as a trophy.

Her comments came as a response to a troll who criticized her latest LGBTQ post on social media.

After Sister Derby shared a song supporting LGBTQ rights, it ignited a wave of backlash online. Many netizens condemned her for promoting the agenda, while others questioned her approach in advocating for it.

An unsatisfied commenter took the opportunity to attack Sister Derby personally, specifically mentioning Medikal’s decision to choose Fella Makafui over her. The comment read, “Now I understand why this guy left her for another woman.

In retaliation, Sister Derby proudly asserted her ongoing significance in Medikal’s life. She reminded the commenter that Medikal had even dedicated an entire song to her, labeling her as a trophy. She confidently replied, “Yes, and he made a whole song calling me a Trophy.”

The unexpected collaboration between Medikal and Sister Derby in his song “Cold and Trophies” surprised social media users and music enthusiasts alike.

Released on March 9, 2023 the track showcased their chemistry and dominated conversations online, reigniting discussions about their past rocky breakup in 2018.

As netizens speculate about Medikal and Fella Makafui’s marital status, opinions vary. Some criticize the rapper for working with his ex-girlfriend, while others see it as part of showbiz and entertainment.

Regardless of their history, Sister Derby’s bold statement about her place in Medikal’s life reminds everyone of the enduring impact she had on him and their shared musical journey.


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