Mimi Yankson claps back at Papa Kumasi

Actress Janet Brefo Yankson popularly referred to as Mimi London Borga has clapped back at Papa Kumasi after he called her a nobody on his television show.

The Kumasi-based actress has been in a social media banter with tv personality Papa Kumasi for the past weeks after he questioned her status in the movie industry.

In a viral video, Mimi Yankson retaliated to his comment by calling him a nobody and an upcoming artiste who has no influence in the movie industry.

This comment did not go well with Papa Kumasi as he replied with a video of how he picked Mimi up, trained her, and made her the star she is today.

She however came out to debunk Papa Kumasi’s claims of making her a star.

In an interview, she said, He didn’t make me a star, no one has made me a star, God did.”

She went on “so why do you sit there and say someone has come to take an artiste you made, away from you? You can’t eat your cake and have it. You were training someone and you left the person because you think she is not worth your time. Someone picks her up and makes her better.”

“Why sit on your show and talk someone you to know nothing about? So, I just put him in the same shoes he put me in. He asked who I was, so, I clapped back with the same rhetoric. Then the young guy I was with said he was an upcoming actor so I replied then I guess that is the reason I don’t know who he is. So why is he angry when he said the same words to me? I personally didn’t even call him an upcoming actor the young guy did,” she explained.

Janet Brefo Yankson popularly referred to as London Borga is a Kumasi-based Ghanaian actress and social media content creator.

Janet’s acting journey started in 2019 when she started making short comic skits for social media. Over the years, her creative skills have matured and won the hearts of many Ghanaians home and abroad as she writes and directs every content herself.

Mimi the London Borga has grown a massive fan base and is gradually becoming a household name due to her impeccable pursuit to put a smile on the faces of her audience through her content. She stops at nothing to bring out the best in her to her fans.

Sweet Mimi has already garnered millions of followers across social media, making her the brand envoy for various brands like Cedem whitening soap, Vitaced, and lots more. The beautiful actress is also a fashion goddess and a role model to a lot of young girls aspiring to be actresses. She believes appearance is the most important in the entertainment industry.


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