Ministry of Education supplies food to Senior High Schools

The Head of Public Affairs at the Ministry of Education, Mr Kwesi Kwarteng, has said the ministry has begun supplying foodstuff to various Senior High Schools (SHSs) nationwide.

This comes after reports of food shortages in some schools.

Mr Kwarteng disclosed in a Facebook post that truckloads of food had been deployed to the schools.

He assured that the government was making some arrangements to ensure that other commodities that are not readily available would be transported soon.

“We are loading the trucks with foodstuff and make sure that they deliver to the schools. So in terms of food supply in the various schools, indeed, some have reached the schools already. Largely, a lot of the schools have adequate supplies, but we are making sure that arrangements are made for other commodities for which they need supplies.

“These arrangements are also happening in other districts and regions. I can confirm that we are making efforts to get our kids fed,” the Head of Public Affairs of the Education Ministry promised.

Meanwhile, Members of the School Feeding Caterers Association also threatened to stop cooking if immediate payments of monies owed them were not made available.

They are also demanding an increase in feeding fees.

Speaking on behalf of the Association, a member, Maame Araba Ashun, complained that the caterers make a painstaking effort to feed the students with a balanced meal due to the hikes in the prices of food.

In 2022, the school feeding caterers proposed an increase of the feeding fee from 97 pesewas to 3 Ghana Cedis.

But according to Maame Araba, the government has not responded to their proposal, making the 97 pesewas allocation to each student a day inadequate for them to deliver their mandate effectively.





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