Mohammed Kudus, Abeiku Santana participate in Forbes under 30 Summit Africa in Gaborone

Source The Ghana Report

Ghana tourism ambassador Abeiku Santana and footballer Mohammed Kudus are part of the nominees joining scores of participants in the 2023 Forbes Under 30 Summit Africa scheduled for April 23-26 in Gaborone, Botswana.

The annual summit aims to bring together local performers, chefs, game-changers and entrepreneurs to share ideas, insights, and strategies for driving positive change on the continent in the 21st century.

Abeiku Santana with some participants at the summit

The summit’s theme for this year is ‘Entrepreneurial Africa’.

The objective is to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development in Africa, focusing on empowering young people to create a brighter future for the continent.

At the event, participants across Africa will be allowed to experience the sounds, cuisine and staples of local culture while engaging in networking and pitching opportunities.

As a tourism advocate from Ghana, Abeiku Santana will meet co-tourism advocates like Ms Wincey Ramaphoi, the Board Chairperson for Botswana Tourism Organisation; and Botho Mogami, the Director of Marketing at Marriott Massa Square Hotel; to discuss how Ghana as an African country can be a hub for tourist attraction.

Mohammed Kudus and other players from neighbouring African countries will speak on how African countries can cause positive change in member countries through sports.

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