More bodies recovered from Malawi storm havoc

Rescue workers in Malawi are recovering more bodies following the devastation caused by Tropical Storm Freddy in Malawi which killed 326 people.

Soldiers have joined rescue operations and have been rummaging through debris in search of victims swept by mudslides and floods.

The BBC’s Rhoda Odhiambo witnessed as troops retrieved a body buried from the mud in the Kalika area, near the city of Blantyre.

Large rocks carried by floods from hillsides collapsed on homes and shops following record amounts of rain. Many make-shift homes could also not withstand the flow of flood water.

There are fears many victims, especially children, are still buried in the mud.

Image caption: Large rocks from hillsides collapsed on homes

Temporary shelters have been established for victims of the tragedy. Some 4,000 victims are at Manja primary school in Blantyre where they are also being provided with medical care.

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