MTTD processes 17 drivers for court for road offences

The police in Accra has disclosed that it is processing 17 drivers who were found culpable for committing various road offences over the weekend on the Tema-Afariwa-Shai hills-Akosombo stretch of the (N2) Highway.

The drivers were arrested, and their vehicles impounded on Saturday evening during an operation under the ‘war against road traffic indiscipline,’ by the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service.

The exercise formed part of the Police Administration’s resolve to clamp down on reckless and careless driving to reduce road carnages and its attendant results including death, injuries, and damage to properties.

According to the police, the offences they committed included dangerous driving, driving on the shoulders and verges of the road, unauthorized use of sirens and beacon lights.

“The vehicles, some of which included 4×4 V8’s, have been impounded at the Ashaiman Tulaku Divisional Motor Traffic and Transport Department while the drivers are being processed for court,” a statement by the Police Service noted.

Some impounded vehicles during Saturday evening’s operation

The personnel from the MTTD were deployed to the area to ensure the free flow of traffic on the evening of last Saturday.

Consequently, the police administration has cautioned all drivers who ply that stretch and other major highways to strictly adhere to road traffic regulations, as defaulters would be arrested and prosecuted.

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Nearly two weeks ago, the MTTD impounded 31 vehicles for various traffic offences on the Kpone-Dawenya stretch of the N1 highway.

The drivers whose vehicles were impounded flouted several road traffic regulations such as disregard for road markings, dangerous driving, driving on the shoulders of the road, unauthorized use of sirens and beacon lights, among others.

Some arrested drivers were driving commercial vehicles, Ministries, Department and Agencies vehicles (MDAs), corporate entities vehicles, and privately owned vehicles.

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