“Mummy Don’t Disappoint Me” – How A 9-Yr-Old’s ‘Our Day’ Wish Got National Attention

A Class Three pupil’s wish list to his mum for his ‘Our Day’ celebration made national news on the morning of Friday, July 30.

Before Friday, 9-year-old Oswald Gennuh had pencilled a letter to his mother asking her to read every “tiny note”. It was a detailed request, outlining all the things that he expected to have for the school party on the last day of the term.

But what was a mere wish list that was posted to Twitter by a work colleague of Oswald’s mum gained national traction only a few hours after it was posted on Thursday.

The boy’s wish list to his mother, among other things, appealed for “Big Coke for Mrs Appiah” and “A pack of biscuits and drinks”.

The letter ended with a simple but firm expectation -“I didn’t disappoint you in the exams so please don’t disappoint me,” young Oswald wrote.

No sooner had Mrs Gennuh’s work colleague posted the letter than Domino’s Pizza express an interest in providing 10 boxes of pizza for Oswald and his class. From that point, the floodgates were opened for multiple brands and individuals.

By The Ghana Report‘s count, more than 30 firms in finance, tech, education, foods and appliances volunteer to support Oswald’s Our Day expectations. Thankfully, only very few donors forgot the little boy’s first request on the wish list which was a big bottle of Coke for his favourite teacher, Mrs. Appiah.

It is fair to say that the beloved Mrs Appiah had a lot more than a big bottle of Coke.

The post that revealed Oswald’s letter triggered excitement on social media with ‘Our Day’ garnering over 200,000 tweets and reactions from individuals making light-hearted fun of the situation and companies promising to make Oswald’s day memorable.

Just as promised, the brands delivered, making the pupils at Oswald’s school, Christ Ambassadors School in Sakaman, excited.

Media houses were also present at the school on Friday morning to celebrate the little man, with impromptu appearances by musicians such as Kidi and Mr. Drew.

Below are some of the pledges made by the many brands that responded to Oswald’s letter on Twitter:



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