Muniratu Moro Murder Case, Police Unhappy About Suspects’ Bail.

Source The Ghana Report

Police at Kaneshie are unhappy about the bail granted four persons who allegedly killed Muniratu Moro  in Abeka, Accra, a week after her wedding on September 5. 

The suspects,  Imoro Salfu Zakaria, Adams Salfu Zakaria, Amdiya Mohammed and Abass Mohammed, were bailed by the Kaneshie District Court on September 24, 2022.  The case was then adjourned to October, 20, 2022.

The Kaneshie District Court will therefore rule on October 6, 2022 concerning the stay of the execution in respect of bail granted to the four persons charged for the murder of the wedding bride.

The Police had passionately opposed the grant of bail to the accused persons on the grounds that the Court did not have jurisdiction to grant bail in murder cases, offences which were indictable, and the security of the accused persons were at stake.

Defence Counsel has however opposed the stay of the execution filed by the state, and said ” if the Court had no jurisdiction, they would have no business appearing before it”.

According to the lawyers, the offences were now bailable under the Constitution due to the fact that there is no evidence to show that the  culprits really killed the deceased .

The Police on the grounds of opposing the bail filed an application for stay of execution to the Attorney General’s office.

Background On The Murder Case

On Monday September 5, there was a sad news at Abeka concerning a young Immigration woman who was murdered just ten days after her marriage to a ”life partner” that was not be.

It is alleged that the deceased, 32, known as Muniratu Moro, was murdered by Moro Salifu Zakaria, 44 and Adams Salifu Zakaria both Land Surveyors, Amdiya Mohammed, a 33-year-old trader, and Abass Mohammed, a 27-year-old Labourer.

The family of Muniratu Moro  are seeking justice for their beloved.

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