Music is a craft – Kuami Eugene defends ‘sebe wele’ lyrics

Highlife artiste Kuami Eugene has come under a lot of criticism after the release of his latest single ’Open gate’.

Music lovers have accused him of writing ‘meaningless’ lyrics but in an interview on TV3 monitored by, the musician said, “Those saying that do not know music …music is a craft”

Critics say ‘wele sebe kontomire’ line in the ‘open gate’ song is meaningless and only shows that it is about time the singer employs the services of a songwriter.

“Whoever is saying that clearly does not know what they are talking about…a lot of people talk about things they do not understand….wele sebe kontomire is something we use to play with when we were young. It is a song we use to sing when we see a woman’s buttocks shaking… Do they understand ‘kosa mama kosa? But they dance to it”

“I do music essentially to put smiles on the faces of people. So if wele sebe kontomire can make someone laugh, it is very important to me” he added

Explaining the inspiration behind the song, the ‘Angela’ hitmaker said ‘Open gate’ is a motivational song that seeks to encourage people.

“I used the five months that I spent in the house during lockdown to put together a piece that describes our current situation, but then again can put people on their dancing shoes” he added.

Kuami Eugene is currently working on the launching of his second album ‘Son of Africa’





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