‘My best friend raped me because I rejected him’

A woman has revealed how her best friend raped her after she rejected him.

Becky Bailey, now 25, from Grimsby, met Jordan Paddison when they both worked as nightclub promoters, and was surprised when he admitted he’d developed feelings for her.

She thought he’d accepted that she didn’t feel the same, and they continued spending time together as friends.

But two days later, Jordan preyed on Becky after she went to bed in his spare room after watching a film together.

In October 2014, Jordan, now 27, was convicted of raping Becky and was jailed for four years with two years out on licence.

Now, Becky has waived her anonymity in a bid to urge other rape victims to report their attackers, after Jordan raped another woman on his release from prison.

Becky, a stay-at-home mother, said: ‘Jordan was my best friend and I trusted him with my life. ‘But that night, he hurt me in the worst way possible. He’s a monster.’

In March 2013, Becky met Jordan, also from Grimsby, at a nightclub where they as worked as promoters.

Becky says: ‘Jordan was so funny and had me in stitches constantly. Every shift we chatted non-stop. We were both so outgoing and loved to party, we were practically the same person.’

From then on, Becky and Jordan became inseparable. Becky says: ‘We loved to order takeaways and watch films together at his place most weekends.’

‘Usually I would head home afterwards but sometimes I slept in his spare room. I confided in Jordan about my relationship troubles too. We were best mates.’

But months later, in August 2013, Jordan had a confession. Becky says: ‘Out of the blue, Jordan messaged me, telling me that he was in love with me.

‘I was so shocked, I didn’t see it coming. I felt bad because I only loved him as a friend. I quickly told him I didn’t feel the same. Thankfully he took it well and we continued chatting as friends.’

Two days later Becky visited Jordan’s house for a film night, and they watched the film Casper and drank cider together.

‘It was a fun evening,’ she recalled. ‘Afterwards, Jordan went to bed while I slept in his spare room.’

But four hours later, Becky woke up to a strange sensation. Becky says: ‘I opened my eyes and saw Jordan on top of me. My heart stopped.

‘His trousers were pulled down and so were my pajamas. I realised he was raping me. Seconds later, he jumped off me and pulled his trousers back up. Then he fell asleep next to me on the bed. I couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Jordan Paddison and Becky Bailey

‘During the next few hours, I wanted to escape but I was terrified I would wake him and he would attack me again,” Becky narrated.

Hours later, Jordan woke up and left the room like nothing had happened. Becky says: ‘I pretended not to remember anything and got my stuff together.’

‘Then, Jordan walked me to my bus stop, chatting away like normal. I stayed silent, feeling sick. We said goodbye to each other and I rushed onto the bus.

‘As soon as I got home, I burst into tears and told my nanny everything. She was devastated and urged me to report it.’

The next day, Becky went to the police station and reported Jordan.

She says: ‘I handed in my pyjamas bottoms from that night. Then I had swabs taken. I felt so numb.’

Later that day, Jordan was arrested. Becky said: ‘After that, I had nightmares about Jordan every night.

‘I ended up dropping out of college and became really depressed. Jordan’s face flashed in my mind constantly, it was horrible. I couldn’t believe my best friend could do that to me.’

In October 2014, Jordan Paddison, 27, of Lord Street, Grimsby, pleaded guilty to one count of rape against Becky at Grimsby Crown Court.

He was jailed for four years with two years on licence. But after serving two years, Jordan was released and swiftly changed his name to Jordan Dyer.

Not long after, he raped another woman while out on licence.

In August 2017 Jordan Dyer, 25, of Croxby Avenue, Grimsby, pleaded guilty to rape.

The following year, in March 2018, he was jailed for another four years and one month at Grimsby Crown Court.

He was also given an extended licence of four years.

Becky says: ‘When Jordan was jailed for raping me, I was relieved he couldn’t hurt another woman.

‘Then years later, I discovered he raped someone again. I felt sick to my stomach. He is clearly a twisted monster who thinks he can take whatever he wants.

‘Now, I want to urge other survivors of rape to report their attackers. You can help protect women by putting these monsters behind bars, where they belong.’

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