How did he know I needed to think about it? How did he know that was what I was going to say? Yeah, I liked him. I loved him actually but just not to make him feel that he got me easily, let me pretend I’m thinking about it. Time has a creepy way of making things look expensive, the longer time it takes. Look at wine—the longer it stays in the oak barrel, the more expensive they become. I kept his proposal in the ok barrel of my heart too, to care for it, fidget with it until I’m ok with its quality.

Guess how long it took for me to say yes…one year? Two years? Hell no! It took a longer time than you can imagine. It took a whole three days for me to run to him to say yes to his proposal. Don’t judge me, I couldn’t hold on any longer. It could have been two days but God helped with another day to make it three days.

I don’t know why lovers always meet problems just when love had made a way for them. The first day I kissed him, I knew he was the one. If there was any justice in the world, the path love paved for us should have been made of gold and decorated with roses and the air infused with expensive perfumes but no. The first obstacle we met came from my father and mother.

Dad said, “Look at the man your cousin Rose got married to. He didn’t belong to our church. He promised Rose’s parents that he’ll come to our church right after the wedding. What happened? Where’s Rose now? She has lost the ways of Jehovah and now following the unapproved route to the kingdom. Don’t fall victim.” I said, “Dad, I’m not Rose and Kusi is also not Rose’s husband. We’ll work things out.”

Mom chipped in, “That’s the problem with you kids. You believe easily and always think the adults are wrong. We have seen a lot to know what’s true. Listen to us when we talk to you. That guy can’t take you to Jehovah. He doesn’t belong in your life. Let him go!”

They both walked away and left me sobbing until my eyes got swollen. Kusi’s parents were a little bit receptive but they also had something against my way of worship. Their favorite quotation against our relationship came from 2 Corinthians 6:14. Until that day, I didn’t know the bible had a quotation against two people in love. His mother told me, “Francisca, I love you as a daughter and I won’t hesitate to have you as my in-law but tell me, are your parents cool about this? Are they happy you’re not marrying someone from your church?” I was honest, “They are not happy and they say Jehovah won’t be happy too because our marriage is not built on a stronger foundation. But I want to ask, is there any greater foundation than love, friendship, dedication, and all the other things we have?”

We spent two years convincing our parents to see it the way we do. Finally, my dad called Kusi in to have a man-to-man chat with him. He was point-blank, “I won’t let you take my daughter to your church. If you try, I’ll be a thorn in your flesh. I’m not also asking you to come to our church, if you do, you’ll see the face of Jehovah but I won’t force it on you. But promise me you’ll not force my daughter into your church.”

Kusi promised him. He even added that he wouldn’t have any problem if our kids go to my church.

From that day on, Dad softened his stand. Mom was still skeptical because all the examples she had in her mind didn’t end well. I could understand. She loved me too much to leave me in the hands of the devil.

Our marriage was simple and straight to the point. We did it according to the doctrines of my church. My husband even attended service with me for some months before the wedding. When I was leaving home to the home of my husband, my mother said, “If you even miss one service, you’ll see me the next day in your house.”