My Husband’s Romantic Nature Derails Me From Cheating On Him- Stephanie Benson

Ghanaian-UK-based musician, actress, and entrepreneur, Stephanie Benson has revealed that her love for her husband can never be diminished due to his romantic nature.

The musician, 55 speaking in a live discussion with her fans said she has never fallen in love with another man, let alone shared a bed with them in her 34 years of marriage to John Benson.

Expatiating why she feels Mr. Benson is the only man she feels more comfortable and attracted to after decades of marriage she said the husband is caring, supportive, and everything good a woman expects in a man, the husband is filled with those qualities.

“John knows how to woo a woman. When a man gets up early to make you breakfast, when he calls you before coming home or comes home one hour early just because he misses you; that’s what John has been doing all these years. He knows how to get my attention, and makes me want him. He makes me feel like I wanna be there, he is the reason I am playful and happy”, she stated.

According to her, the husband trusts her so much and always agrees with her decisions.

She urged young people dating and married couples to always trust each other, forgive quickly and love each other faithfully and avoid unnecessary cheating in relationships.

“Let’s not let our minds get carried away. Instead of making assumptions, have a chat. Make your man feel welcome when he comes home. When your partner is not in a good mood, that’s okay, let it be. Follow your instincts when it alerts you about your partner. Never fail to address your issues immediately; don’t let air pass over it, ask strictly but don’t go attacking. Be a great listener and learn to forgive and let go. To eliminate quarrels, be calm and rational”, she added.


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