Mzbel ‘pounces’ on Zionfelix after his apology

Source The Ghana Report

Ghanaian musician Mzbel has rejected an apology by blogger Zionfelix for involving her in his interview with Afia Schwarzenegger over the weekend.

Mzbel said she had cautioned Zionfelix against dragging her into any interview, but the latter did the contrary, after which he issued an apology.

However, the apology did not appease Mzbel, who went on social media to attack the blogger verbally.

Mzbel, in a Facebook post on Wednesday, disclosed that she had cautioned Zionfelix never to intrude in her private life, but the blogger did the opposite.

“Zionfelix count the number of monetized interviews u have about me on your YouTube Channel with lies and insults about my private life and come back and explain which ones u apologized for!

“Haven’t I politely spoken to u several times to stop? Oh so u have feelings abi? Kwasia mu Kwasia!,” She posted.

Meanwhile, the blogger has denied attacking Mzbel’s brand and encouraging verbal assaults on his platform.

He explained that he had no control over the utterances of interviewees.

In a Facebook post, the blogger noted that he didn’t mean to tarnish Mzbel’s image.

“Mzbel is dear to my heart; I like Mzbel, I liked Mzbel. I have also loved Mzbel. We haven’t spoken to her in a long time, but I still love her even after her video…there are certain things she said that I want to address. My intent was never for people to attack Mzbel,” he said.


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