Naval Officer Stabs Air Force Personnel For Sleeping With His Wife

A naval officer, Leading Seaman Umar Sahid Abubakar, is in the grip of the police for allegedly stabbing another personnel of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) over infidelity.

Leading Seaman Abubakar stabbed air force personnel Bernard Ababio in the left upper cheek and waist.

Reports say the Eastern Naval Command-based officer lost his temper after he caught Mr Ababio in bed with his wife, Linda Akosua Buabeng, in their home.

After assaulting Ababio, Abubakar visited the Sekondi Police station to complain, but in writing his statement, Ababio also arrived at the station to lodge a counter-complaint of assault against Abubakar, Starr News reported.

The victim, Ababio, was issued with a police medical form for treatment while Abubakar was arrested.

The navy man had in his possession a military backpack containing one set of military uniform, one white singlet, a pair of jeans trousers, a pair of cotton trousers, one blue-black shirt, one T-shirt, one wristwatch, a pair of canvass, one Pepsodent toothpaste, and one AV cable belonging to his rival.


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