Nearly 100 people arrested for not wearing face mask

Members of the public who turned up in Accra Central without facemasks faced the music of the law on Tuesday. 

Nearly 100 people were arrested in the city as police began the enforcement of COVID-19 protocols on facemask wearing.

The defiant were sent to the Central Police Station in Accra.

Those arrested included Kayaya’s who were with their babies and other persons who had come to the district to conduct business.

The exercise is in response to President Akufo-Addo’s directive to the Inspector General of Police to strengthen compliance.

Ironically, the police after arresting the people massed them up at the Accra Central Police station, defying the social distancing protocols.


According to Joy News, many of the culprits arrested did not have masks at all, others had but were not wearing them properly.

“I have been wearing it since morning, I just took it off to get some fresh air. Later I will wear it” a trader said.

Prior to the 2020 elections, the country’s COVID-19 figures reduced drastically, going to less than 300 in October.

With campaigns buzzing as the political parties and their candidates traversed the country for votes, many let down their guards.

Some traders insisted that the actions of the political season informed their decision not to wear the mask.

“Before the elections, our leaders told us the virus had reduced so we should go out and vote. Now that election is over, they are telling us to wear the mask. So was it because they wanted us to vote for them that’s why they said the virus had reduced?” Another trader quizzed.

Interestingly, some of those arrested had the facemask but failed to wear them.

“I have my mask in my pocket because I am working,” a bus conductor said.

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  1. Baafuo Yahw says

    It is about time Ghanaian Citizens stopped being Spectators. We’re looking for Citizens to boldly come forward for us to form a Citizens Institutional Scrutiny Organization.
    Our political parties, politicians State Institutions their heads and Boards of Directors have taken Ghanaians for granted for far too long to the point of disgracing and embarrassing the nation before the world. Our agenda is to police politicians, and all office holders of state institutions who are paid with our tax money to be accountable to the state. No body is above the Law. It cost us billions of cedis to make laws that are not respected. WE MUST STOP IT.
    For starters we’ll take Class Action by taking the President Nana Akufo Addo and his NPP national leadership, and John Mahama his NDC national leadership to court for causing various losses including death of citizens to the state, especially COVID,-19 deaths. The COVID-19 deaths we are suffering now were facilitated and encouraged by the irresponsible behaviour of our politicians whom we pay to make laws.
    The teeming Youth of Ghana must put whatever political colour they support aside and organize themselves into a disciplined force Now, else there would be no nation of Ghana tomorrow.

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