Nigerian actor Paw paw reveals how he was born normal but ended up a midget

Nollywood actor, Osita Iheme, popularly known as Paw Paw, has talked about his height and stagnant growth.

According to the 39-year-old, he was born a normal child and then suddenly stopped growing.

The comic actor mentioned that there was nothing that could be done to his condition and to date, he can not question God.

“I was born normal but then stopped growing. I was born in the early 80s. I mark my birth every 20th of February. I was a normal baby when I was born. I can’t say that this was when I stopped growing but I just grew up to find myself like this.

“I can’t question God but I keep working hard to become somebody in life. I lost my father at an early age under mysterious circumstances. With my Daddy, I know my academic ambitions would have been realized up to Ph.D. level and so many other things I wanted to do if he were alive today.

Nollywood actor Paw Paw real name

“It really saddens my heart though. Recalling the sad event leading to the untimely death of my dear father, I was very young then. I can’t really say much about him because I was still a baby when he passed on.

“From what I learned, he was a trader who travels a lot and was into merchandising. He made sure that his children were well brought up. He raised us with a good moral upbringing and the fear of God. He was that kind of father. He was a tall man.

“I just grew up to find myself like this. I just found myself like this and I can’t question God but I keep working hard to become somebody in life. Definitely, my mother must have been worried about my growth but what can she do? It has happened and she had to accept the situation the way it was.

“We are five children in the family including a girl and four boys. I am the last born. Two of my siblings are based in Europe, while the other two are importers. The only lady is working with an oil company.”

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