Nigerian High Commissioner charges compatriots to expose law breakers

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The Nigerian High Commissioner to Ghana has urged the Nigerian Union of Traders Association to expose members who flout the laws of Ghana.

Oluferi Michael Abikoye believes such stance is crucial in sustaining peaceful co-existence between the two countries.

“Don’t allow the ‘Judas’ to mess you up in Kumasi. You must continue to be law-abiding,” he said.

He was speaking at an interactive session with Ashanti Regional Security Council in Kumasi.

Some Nigerian traders have come under attack by their Ghanaian counterparts over foreigner engagement in retail trade in breach of the country’s trade laws.

Ghana’s laws bars non-Ghanaians from petty trading, hawking, operating beauty salon and barbering shops.

However, a non-citizen with an investment capital of GH¢200,000 and above may participate in these markets in a joint enterprise with a partner who is a citizen.

This can be in cash or capital goods relevant to the investment or a combination of both by way of equity participation.

The partner who is a citizen should have at least 10 percent equity participation in the joint enterprise.

Mr. Abikoye is worried some Nigerians are known to be engaging in these businesses in Ghana, creating tension between them and their hosts.

He urged them to participate in social and corporate responsibilities as a way of building a strong bond.

“You must be close to the authorities and your Ghanaian sisters and brothers. If they have problems help them to solve it” He said.

Ashanti Regional Chairman of NUTAG, Chief Kizito Ikechukwu Obiora, called for steps to iron out differences that militate against their peaceful co-existence with Ghanaian counterparts.

“In recent times, our members have gone through troubling times based on the aspects of the GIPC law in all of these we have never lost hope that Ghana and Nigeria can actually achieve much more if we can sincerely work together. We have never lost hope that a day will come when these two countries can become the toasts of many other nations in the world.”

“We have all the resources and intellectual capacity to make these happened, “he added.

National President of NUTAG Chukwuemeka Nnaji, bemoaned what he calls high cost of business registration and resident work permit acquisition.

He says the situation is very frustrating and demoralizing, especially for prospective Nigerian traders.

“$500 every year for obtaining a work permit is so high for an average trader. This far below what foreigners pay in Nigeria,” he alluded.

“I wonder what we get from ECOWAS”, Chukwuemeka Nnaji lamented.

Manhyia Divisional commander, ACP Kwaku Buah, admonished Nigerian Community in Ghana against show of affluence and cyber crimes.

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